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Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy at Hampden House

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) is appropriate for a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, mood problems, low confidence and self esteem, family, work and relationship problems, trauma and abuse, as well as being suitable for people who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships and their own emotional and psychological processes.

CAT is usually a short to medium term therapy that combines an exploratory analytic understanding of earlier experiences and their links to present difficulties with a practical and structured approach to finding solutions or better ways of responding and coping. CAT therapy varies in length according to the duration and complexity of the individual’s concerns and this is usually discussed in the initial consultation session with the therapist.

As its name would suggest, CAT brings a psychodynamic understanding of our selves being formed in the context of our significant relationships with other people, together with encouragement to think about the meanings of emotional experience in constructive ways that can lead to change. CAT therapists also pay particular attention to the wider social context and cultural influences that affect how we feel about ourselves in our daily lives.

In CAT the emphasis is on the individual and their therapist working collaboratively to develop a shared understanding of the person’s psychological world, including their enduring patterns of relating to self and others. Many people discover that they have been stuck in one or more self-limiting patterns of responding to certain (usually interpersonal) situations without realising it, and this awareness can itself be enough to allow people the choice as to whether or not they wish to change these patterns.

Cognitive Analytic Therapy aims to increase general wellbeing by promoting greater personal autonomy and maximising the capacity to make informed choices about how we conduct our emotional lives and personal relationships. Self referrals for CAT are welcome, as are referrals from GPs, psychiatrists and organisations. If you have a query and would like to speak to a CAT Therapist, please phone the Hampden House number quoted on this website.

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