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About psychotherapy 

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way of helping people address areas of personal difficulty. It is a professional approach and pays particular attention to confidentiality, privacy and personal dignity.

Psychotherapy offers help with a wide range of problems including anxiety, stress, low mood, depression, relationships, bereavement, workplace stress and any problem that gives rise to feelings of dissatisfaction or deep unhappiness.  Psychotherapy can also help identify what is causing you difficulty in your life, if you are uncertain about what the problem is.

We offer a range of brief, intermediate and long term therapies of varying intensity.* Therapies are designed to match each person’s needs, and the type of therapy can vary accordingly. Whatever the nature of your problem, at Hampden House Psychotherapy Centre you will be treated as a unique individual. If you express a preference to be seen by a male or female therapist, or to see a specific therapist or type of therapy, this is always taken into account.

*If you would like to know more about the approaches to psychotherapy that we offer at Hampden House, see links in  panel on this page.

What happens at the initial session?

On your arrival, you will be shown into the waiting area, which has drink-making facilities. At the time of your appointment, your therapist will come to introduce himself or herself, and will take you to the private consulting room, where the session will take place. Here you will have an opportunity to talk about the difficulties or concerns that you want help with, and also discuss some practicalities about how therapy works.

Link to United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Link to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Link to British Psychoanalytic Council


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