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Couples therapy is available to any two people who are in partnership, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. The overall aim is to help the couple examine and better understand the natures of their relationship and the interactions within it, so that change may be negotiated by both parties. A couple may seek therapy in times of crisis within their relationship or because of trauma or external difficulty which impacts directly or indirectly on each partner e.g. infertility, bereavement, redundancy, mental health problems, stress etc. Equally couples may want to resolve conflict, communicate more constructively or respond to the need for change and growth.

Couples or individuals may be seeking help to separate constructively, and manage the complex feelings involved in ending a relationship. In the case of separating parents they may want therapy to help them work through the ending of their couple relationship while finding ways to co-operate together in the best interests of their children.

Psychodynamic couples therapy develops understanding of the ways in which expectations, patterns, current unresolved conflict and disappointment within the relationship can be influenced by past experience.

Systemic couples therapy helps couples to explore new ways of relating and talking with each other, aiming to improve their relationship, reduce stress and increase mutual understanding.

The Couples Therapy Service at Hampden House is also available to any two people wishing to work on the dynamics of their relationship; these may include business partners, colleagues, parent and child and others.

A Couples Therapist will offer an initial consultation appointment for referrals to this service.

The Service offers a range of short and long term therapy as appropriate to a couple’s needs. This is discussed as part of the initial consultation process.

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